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Fort Pierce High School Alumni

St. Lucie County High School
erected in 1914.

All Information from the 1926 Lucian

Class of 1910

Name Occupation Residence
BACKUS, Rodman T. Boat Builder Fort Pierce, Florida
MOORE, Malcolm Railroad Bookkeeper Fort Pierce, Florida
MOORE, Jessie Deceased  
STANFORD, Imero Deceased  

Class of 1911

Name Occupation Residence
HORTON, Howard Horton's Book Store Fort Pierce, Florida

Class of 1912

Name Occupation Residence
PLATTS, Philipps Farmer White City, Florida
SWAIN, Pearl Mrs. Grady Peneul Lakeland, Florida
SWAIN, Jewel Teacher Tallahassee, Florida
VAN DITTMAN, Johnny Mrs. C.B. Knight Fort Pierce, Florida

Class of 1913

Name Occupation Residence
ANDREWS, Laura G. Stenographer Jacksonville, Florida
HORTON, Theda A. Mrs. E.L. Taylor Fort Pierce, Florida
EDWARDS, Myrtle E. Mrs. W.N. Crooks Fort Pierce, Florida

Class of 1914

Name Occupation Residence
DITTMAR, Blanche Mrs. Roberts Jacksonville, Florida
JAMES, Edna Mrs. Todd Backus Fort Pierce, Florida
SWAIN, Ruby Mrs. Charles Horton Fort Pierce, Florida
WIRT, Gay Mrs. Earl D'ligney Fort Pierce, Florida

Class of 1915

Name Occupation Residence
BROWN, Esther Mrs. Fred Jones Fort Pierce, Florida
LEHMANN, Louis unknown unknown
MOORE, Mirman Mrs. Jones Georgia
RICHARDS, Francis Service Station Fort Pierce, Florida
SUMMERLIN, Adelaide Mrs. Scharfschwerdt Fort Pierce, Florida
TROWELL, Lillie Journalist Miami, Florida

Class of 1916

Name Occupation Residence
ALMOND, John Electric Light Plant Arcadia, Florida
ANDREWS, Edith Stenographer Jacksonville, Florida
DITTMAR, Beatrice Mrs. J.G. Overstreet Fort Pierce, Florida
HELSETH, Arthur Farmer Fort Pierce, Florida
HORTON, Eugene Service Station Fort Pierce, Florida
JACKSON, Helen Mrs. Collis Brenner Fort Pierce, Florida
MUDGE, Verne U.S. Army unknown
POMEROY, Marjorie Mrs. John Lukert Orlando, Florida
RUSSELL, Lelia Lawyer Miami, Florida
SMITH, Nettie Married Palm Beach, Florida
TROWELL, Thelma Mrs. Blunt Texas
WOODWARD, Frances Mrs. Oscar DuBose Vero Beach, Florida

Class of 1917

Name Occupation Residence
EDWARDS, Marion Married Lemon City, Florida
EDWARDS, Myrtle   Jensen, Florida
FULTZ, Ethel Mrs. Howard Taylor Fort Pierce, Florida
GLADWIN, Marion Mrs. Eugene Horton Fort Pierce, Florida
HANSON, Regner Architect Fort Pierce, Florida
HELSETH, Cora Mrs. Otto Link Fort Lauderdale, Florida
HODGE, Beatrice Mrs. Wynn Jorgensen Port Au Prince, Haiti
HODGE, Kenneth Fruit Ranch California
JULIUS, Helen Missionary Philadelphia. Pennsylvania
KING, Russel Teacher Tallahassee, Florida
PARKER, Jessie Mrs. Leslie Hamilton Fort Pierce, Florida
PLATTS, George Salem College Salem, West Virginia
PLATTS, Norman Real Estate Fort Pierce, Florida
REGISTER, Rossie Real Estate Fort Pierce, Florida
RHEA, Irvin   Fort Pierce, Florida
SCHORER, Helen Mrs. Norman Platts Fort Pierce, Florida

Class of 1918

Name Occupation Residence
ATHEARN, Robert R.R. Employee New Smyrna, Florida
EDWARDS, Myrtle Mrs. William Johnson Jensen, Florida
FORD, George Deceased  
HELLIER, Charlotte Stenographer Jensen, Florida
HELLIER, Kathryn Mrs. J.F. Haggard Los Angeles, California
PAGONES, Margaret Nurse West Palm Beach, Florida
ROGERS, Emma Married  
WINDISCH, Bertram Mechanical Engineer Birmingham, Alabama

Class of 1919

Name Occupation Residence
CLYATT, Carl Post office Fort Pierce, Florida
EMRICK, Helen    
FLEMING, Anna Lee Mrs. A.O. Denison Fort Pierce, Florida
HELSETH, Ethel Social Welfare Work Richmond, Virginia
HELSETH, Marie At Home Oslo, Florida
HELSETH, Oswald Vero Post office Oslo, Florida
JACKSON, Mildred Mrs. William Read Sebastian, Florida
KEENE, Cornelia Stenographer Fort Pierce, Florida
LENARD, Oscar Emory University Atlanta, Georgia
MOORE, Paul Central Bible Institute Springfield, Missouri
PITCHFORD, Sue Florida State Women's College Tallahassee, Florida
POMEROY, Harold   Orlando, Florida
RATCLIFFE, Irene Married Miami, Florida
ROBB, Irene Mrs. Wm. Knudson White City, Florida
RUSSEL, Julia Stenographer Fort Pierce, Florida
SCHORER, Loana Miami Bank & Trust Company Miami, Florida
SUMMERLIN, Ben At Home Fort Pierce, Florida
SUMMERLIN, Idell Mrs. Clyde Ford Miami, Florida
SUMMERLIN, Minnie Lee Mrs. Charles Davis Miami, Florida
THOMPSON, Johnie Married Fort Pierce, Florida
WILLIS, Ruth At Home Fort Pierce, Florida

Class of 1920

Name Occupation Residence
BROWN, Willis Indrio Construction Company Fort Pierce, Florida
EDGE, Eunice Mrs. Kennedy Fort Pierce, Florida
FREDERICKSON, Cheny Store Jensen, Florida
HELSETH, Edwin Carpenter Oslo, Florida
HELSETH, Perry Carpenter Oslo, Florida
HUNTER, Maud Married
JACKSON, Edith Stenographer Fort Pierce, Florida
JUNE, Raymond Care Taker Oslo, Florida
ROEHR, Elizabeth Typist Engleman, Florida
SAMPLE, Adrian Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
SMITH, Olive Mrs. J.C. Coe Fort Pierce, Florida
WILSON, Coris Married Miami, Florida

Class of 1921

Name Occupation Residence
CASSENS, Rudolph Texaco Company Fort Pierce, Florida
GLADWIN, Margaret Teacher Fort Pierce, Florida
HALLSTROM, Ruth At Home Oslo, Florida
HELSETH, Alice Training for Nurse Berea, Kentucky
HOLMES, Addie Mrs. Lem Emerson Fort Pierce, Florida
KELLEMS,Corrine Stenographer Fort Pierce, Florida
NORRIS, Charlotte At Home Fort Pierce, Florida
SMITH, Marion Mrs. Douglas Baker Vero, Florida
THOMAS, Eleanor Typist Fort Pierce, Florida
THORNQUEST, Lois Bookeeper Jacksonville, Florida

Class of 1922

Name Occupation Residence
BANES, Eva Mrs. Elwyn Thomas Fort Pierce, Florida
JAMES, Curtis Ft. Pierce Band Fort Pierce, Florida
KLING, Irene Mrs. Pierce Blocker Cocoanut Grove, Florida
LANE, Dorothy Mrs. George Gortner Fort Pierce, Florida
MATHESON, Janice At Home Fort Pierce, Florida
PLATTS, Dorothy At Home White City, Florida
TYLANDER, Elizabeth Mrs. R.B. Arnold Vero Beach, Florida
WARNER, Miriam Stenographer Walton, Florida
WILLIS, Marian Mrs. Rudolph Cassens Fort Pierce, Florida
WYNN, Harriet At Home White City, Florida

Class of 1923

Name Occupation Residence
AINSWORTH, Ina   Norristown, Pennsylvania
ANKENY, Barbara Stenographer Fort Pierce, Florida
CARTER, Ralph   Waldo, Florida
CASSENS, Gerldine Stenographer Miami, Florida
CLYATT, Nita Stenographer Fort Pierce, Florida
COLEMAN, Jack Texaco Company Fort Pierce, Florida
DESTUEBEN, Ada Mrs. Robert Coruthers Jensen, Florida
EDGE, Edward Deceased  
GLADWIN, Robert Surveyor Fort Pierce, Florida
HACKNEY, Gallie   White City, Florida
HALLSTROM, Elsa Stenographer Fort Pierce, Florida
HANSEN, Elsie Mrs. C.B. Van Cleef Gainesville, Florida
HELSETH, Will J. University of Florida Gainesville, Florida
HOLTZCLAW, Hazel Florida State Woman's College Tallahassee, Florida
KELLEMS, Gladys Mrs. Clarence Neilson Miami, Florida
KERR, Rhea Truck Driver White City, Florida
KLING, Alice Bookeeper Miami, Florida
O'BRIEN, Loretta Mrs. Leo Daily St. Louis, Missouri
ORDWAY, Webster East Coast Lumber Company Fort Pierce, Florida
PITCHFORD, Joe Pitchford's Filling Station Jensen, Florida
REGISTER, Alton University of Florida Gainesville, Florida
ROBB, Allen Surveyor White City, Florida
SAMPLE, Margaret Mrs. N.E. Hellstrom Fort Pierce, Florida
TURNER, Florrie Mrs. Frances Richards Fort Pierce, Florida
WHITE, Roberta At Home Fort Pierce, Florida

Class of 1926
Class of 1928


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